Wisepill's "eDOT" solution: evriMED 

Wisepill recently launched an eDOT tool for the management of TB which has been successfully used to assist thousands of TB patients in China and in India so I thought this would be of interest to you.

Wisepill's "eDOT" solution: evriMED


Two years ago, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Wisepill developed an eDOT tool for the remote management of TB. The result was a tailor-made product called evriMED which has been included by TB Reach and the Stop TB partnership as an example of a quality, World health Organisation approved monitoring technology. 

TB Reach and The BMGF together with USAID and Global Affairs Canada are supporting the TB REACH Wave 6 initiative to fund innovation and research to (i) improve detection, linkage to treatment and reporting of TB, and to (ii) improve TB treatment adherence and outcomes.

Webinar - Leveraging IoT for Medical Monitoring (Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 9a.m. PT | 12p.m. E)

I also want to take this opportunity to personally invite you to attend a Webinar on the subject of  Real Time Medication Management. Wisepill, is a pioneer in real-time medical monitoring management solutions and will be joining Aeris, a leader in IoT technology, to discuss the technology and the future of Medication Adherence Management.