Wisepill RT2000 for Bedaquiline containing TB regimens - Conclusions

The Wisepill device shows promise in providing real- time adherence information in a way that is effective and acceptable to the patient. It has the potential to identify lapses in adherence and possibly improve adherence with real-time intervention before these lapses can lead to a negative impact on treatment success. Self-report and pill count depend on patients continuing to attend clinic visits, do not provide data on potential non-adherence in real-time, may be inferior to Wisepill in capturing non-adherence (self- report), and may not provide the reported confidentiality of the Wisepill device. Thus, the use of electronic monitoring devices appears to be applicable to DR-TB treatment in addition to ART, and may have significant advantages to other commonly utilized adherence monitoring methods.

Abstract : Pilot evaluation of a second-generation electronic pill box for adherence to Bedaquiline and antiretroviral therapy in drug-resistant TB/HIV co-infected patients in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. 

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