Providing real-time medication adherence solutions for over 10 years

Wisepill Technologies makes use of mobile phones and internet technologies to provide real-time medication management.  The taking of medication  can be monitored on the Wisepill website using a standard internet browser.


Notifications in the form of  email or SMS reminders can be sent to patients and to caregivers if doses are missed.


System Benefits

  •  Wisepill has worked closely with caregivers and researchers over the years to provide a solution that is portable and user friendly.
  • Its simplicity allows it to be used by anyone without fuss or training.
  • Wisepill's real time technology allows researchers to access data on a daily basis. This means they do not have to wait weeks to receive feedback. This also ensures that data is not lost if a device goes missing or is damaged.
  • Wisepill provides tools that allow researchers and caregivers to easily manage a large number of patients. A web management application allows the management of patients and devices via robust data reports and notifications.
  • The product has been designed to work in diverse environments with little need to service the equipment. The long life rechargeable battery means the device can be used for long periods of time without the need of a power outlet.
  • The device is designed to work in places where cellphone network coverage is poor, storing and forwarding messages automatically to the Wisepill Servers.
  • Wisepill is Considered by researchers as an objective measure of adherence behavior and the best means for differentiated interventions. It provides data on patterns of adherence.
  • The dispensers are generally well acceptable and easy-to-use for patients. The system can be implemented in low and high resource settings.

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