W1) How long does the Dispenser Battery last?


Wisepill Dispenser

  • Battery Life, Normal Mode - 2 to 3 months

evriMED1000 :

  • Battery Life, Normal Mode : 1100 mAh 2-4 months, 1800 mAh 3-5 months

  • Battery Life, Battery Saving Mode : 1100 mAh 4-6 months, 1800 mAh 6-8 months


  • Battery Life, Normal Mode : Alkaline batteries : 12+ months

W2.)How long does it take to charge a LIPO Battery?

The following approximate charging times can be expected:

Charging  the battery inside the Pillbox using a USB charger

  • Standard battery on the Wisepill Dispenser using a personal charger: - 4 hours

  • Standard battery on the evriMED1000c using a personal charger - 4 hours

  • Extended battery on the evriMED1000c using a personal charger - 7 hours 30 minutes

Charging  the battery outside of the Pillbox using the Quad multi-charger

  • Standard battery using the Quad Multi Charger - 3 hours (Setting on 1 Amp)

  • Extended battery using the Quad Multi Charger -5 hours (Setting on 1 Amp)

W3.) Why does the device not report to the Cloud Server?

If no heartbeats or medication events are showing on the Server, check the following:

  • Has the SIM card has been properly inserted?

  • Has the battery been plugged properly in and charged?

  • Has the SIM card been properly activated? - For Aeris SIM cards, contact contact support@wisepill.com

  • Do you have cell phone coverage in your area?

  • Is the device configuration correct? The following tools can be used :

    • The Wisepill configurator for Wisepill devices

    • the evriMED PC application (Manual configuration Mode) or Cloud Server (Automatic Configuration mode) For Automatic configuration mode contact support@wisepill.com

W4.) What materials are used for the Wisepill Housing and what standards are applicable

  • The Wisepill housing is made from polycarbonate-ABS and the pill cartridges are polypropylene (suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging

  • The product meets the following environmental requirements and has been certified to comply with Product Safety standard IEC 60950-1:2005: 

  1. Ingress protection for electronics – IP44 (protection against foreign solid objects with a diameter of 1mm or more and “Water splashed against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects”) excluding USB cover.

  2. Ingress protection for contents of pill boxes when in unit – IP43 (protection against foreign solid objects with a diameter of 1mm or more and “Water sprayed at an angle up to 60° on either side of the vertical shall have no harmful effects”