TB Reach 

“We aim to assist in the fight to help eradicate diseases such as TB and HIV.”

“Wisepill Technologies is a leading provider of medication adherence management solutions, and the creator of the evriMED, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The evriMED medication adherence device is an affordable and TB-appropriate digital medication adherence tool that has been tested extensively and is being used in India and China for TB patients. Our mission is to provide tools and services for medical research, clinical trials, the management of chronic conditions, and disease management intervention, especially in low resource settings. Wisepill is proud to be associated with the Stop TB Partnership’s TB Reach initiative. If you require further information on TB Reach, click on the link below.   

TB REACH’s Wave 6 call for proposals  - Read more : TB Reach TB Reach Wave 6 - Adherence Technologies 

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