The evriMED pillbox and software solution is an innovative medication adherence tracking system. A Simple aid for users and a powerful tool for caregivers and healthcare organisations.

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Expert Pill Reminder and Monitor

As treatment supervision alone is not likely to be sufficient to ensure good TB treatment outcomes, additional treatment adherence interventions need to be provided.
— WHO DS-TB Guidelines, 2017

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  • WHO has concluded that adherence interventions significantly improve treatment outcomes for both DOT and SAT patients.
  • Digital medication monitors are a proven-effective adherence intervention, delivering reminders and  enabling enhanced counseling and differentiated care.
  • Digital medication monitors are highly patient-centric and low patient burden. They permit remote, electronic observation of medication taking by self-administering patients.
  • Digital medication monitors should save health system time and money by focusing provider time on demonstrably poor adherers.
  • In large, cluster-randomized trials in China, digital medication monitors were shown to significantly improve medication adherence and be well accepted by both patients and provider